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Snow pics from this weekend

Come out and play! I tried to look at the snowfall from some interesting angles, and I shared photos of what I found. I have two new sets up, and

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Feb 24-26 event suggestions: just get out and enjoy a rare snowfall!

  You know, I kind of thought our mild winter was already transitioning into Spring. But hey, at least one more weekend where we can celebrate winter! We might not have another day where we can enjoy snow-covered vistas for … Continue reading

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Living in the cold: a playful guide

This season is a time where patience helps. Most of year, we can assume weather – nature – won’t interfere much with what we want to do. Winter is different. But if we take a little time, and adapt a … Continue reading

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Winter Activities in Milwaukee: Reflections and Recapping

As Ambassador of Snow, I have been visiting a range of winter activities around the area. So I wanted to share some snapshots of some of the memorable moments and insights which I took away from these events. Public events … Continue reading

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Winter Carnival photos: me in jsonline, my photos

I had a fun 3 hours at the Winter Carnival on Saturday, held at the Lynden Sculpture Garden! Creative events; and some nice images of the sights and pleasures are online. The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel published a photo of me kicking off … Continue reading

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Lynden Sculpture Garden, and other February 10-12 events

Well, we may not have much snow, but we’ve got winter cold. Here we are – how are we going to deal with the weather? Let us entertain ourselves! The Lynden Sculpture Garden is an unusual and fascinating place. A … Continue reading

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More photos of winter in the area

I will be showing a slideshow of around 70 of my favorite Wisconsin Winter Photos as part of my Snow Sermon tonight. I have also posted more pictures of interesting scenes I have seen, and people out enjoying winter: you can … Continue reading

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My Snow Sermon, 6:30 Friday

My 3rd annual talk ‘in praise of snow!’ Each year, I polish up my favorite thoughts about winter and snow – from the perspective of an environmental historian who loves those things. The talk usually runs 15-30 minutes, depending on … Continue reading

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