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Loving my place, and the Wildness that comes to it

In his influential essay “The Trouble with Wilderness,” historian William Cronon worried that environmentalists thought too much about the idea of wilderness – which he felt directed their attention away from other places, and made it difficult for them to … Continue reading

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Snapshots: viewing snowy landscapes from buses

Front yards of homes present themselves as largely sheets of white. Perhaps the backyards show more use, but the front yards had few footsteps in them. The cleared-off parts, driveways and sidewalks, are a small part of the landscape. (Businesses … Continue reading

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Walking to Work in Winter

What do I encounter when I walk to work through a snowy landscape? First of – a bit of briskness when I get outside. I often feel a little chilly, but I know that by the time I get near … Continue reading

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Milwaukee winter “sucks”? That opinion misses so much…

Milwaukee-area winter weather has been in the news this week for reasons that disappoint me. Channel 6 reporter Angelica Duria, while outside in Racine reporting on a snowstorm, said “it sucks here,” and national and local media have picked up … Continue reading

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