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Residential Snow

Residential Snow: How winter is experienced in residential-home neighborhoods As I continue to how we experience snow, I want to reflect in this essay on how Americans experience snow in neighborhoods primarily made up of residential homes. How do such … Continue reading

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What Central Park taught me about Appreciating Winter in the City

Last January, I had the chance to visit New York City for the first time. As a champion of winter appreciation in the city (see my “Why write about winter in the city”), I of course was curious to see … Continue reading

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Snow in Animated TV Christmas Specials: Imagined Joys of Winter

As Ambassador of Snow, I look for celebrations of snow where I can find them. When holiday season comes around, and I watch Christmas Specials which I enjoyed in my youth, I am struck by just how large snow looms … Continue reading

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In Defense of Winter

I love to praise Winter weather. I understand the challenges it can pose, but despite those challenges, I find much to enjoy about it. And so I choose to write in defense of Winter. I think that one can appreciate … Continue reading

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Looking at Snow on City Buildings in Appleton

Reflections on Increasing Snow Appreciation through Urban Architecture and Design During winter, when I walk around, or ride on the bus, I like to look for snow. I watch to see where snow shows up in urban and suburban landscapes. … Continue reading

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Walking at Night during Winter, part 2: between Darkness and Lights

The darkness is one of the great challenges many face in winter. It can lead to depression and danger. But it also has often been pointed to as a chance for reflection, including a time for spiritual awareness. As with … Continue reading

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My thoughts on winter 2014; snow that stays around

As we exit the three coldest-average-months of the year (or ‘meteorological winter’), I will begin to wind down my promotion of winter appreciation for the season. Now seems like a good time to reflect back on what I have observed … Continue reading

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Value of patience during Winter

Winter is a season that rewards patience. Those who are impatient are more likely to get frustrated – and less likely to appreciate what the season has to offer. What are some of the situations in which patience is a … Continue reading

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Culture of Cold at Packer games: Lambeau fans and Cold Weather

I went to two Packer games this season, on December 22 vs. Pittsburgh and the January 4 playoff game vs. San Francisco. Few other events get as many people outside for as long in the cold as Packer games do. … Continue reading

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Appreciating darkness during winter

I plan to spend some time during the rest of this winter appreciating what winter nights have to offer. I have been reading “Let there be night: testimony on behalf of the night,” edited by Paul Bogard, an interesting book … Continue reading

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