Feb 24-26 event suggestions: just get out and enjoy a rare snowfall!


You know, I kind of thought our mild winter was already transitioning into Spring. But hey, at least one more weekend where we can celebrate winter! We might not have another day where we can enjoy snow-covered vistas for – 9 or 10 more months! (And given that Sunday is supposed to be rainy and in the 40s, go out there and enjoy the snow while it lasts…)

 What do I recommend this weekend? Just go out and walk, snowshoe, sled, etc – take a look while it lasts! This late in winter, there aren’t a lot of ‘winter celebration events’ planned, but there’s plenty you can do on your own. Milwaukeeans shouldn’t be tired of too much snow, since we haven’t had much of it, so enjoy what is, this winter, a rare treat! I’ve seen a lot of friends posting photos on Facebook already – we’re having some unusual views available, figure out how you would like to perceive and remember them.

Other ‘event picks’:

 Feb 24-25: Make a snowman or snow sculpture.         In your yard, in your local park. Good packing snow! See what you can do with it J

Downhill skiing at Crystal Ridge. Yes, Milwaukee County, our park system here has a snow hill! Check out http://www.skicrystalridge.com/ for more, as you think about how you can have the fun of skiing… and then be home in time for dinner, and sleep in your own bed…

Cross Country skiing at Whitnall Park. Skis available for rental at the Whitnall Park Concessions area.

Feb 25: Tapping the Sugarbush, 1-3  Riveredge Nature Center A family program. “This event marks the start of the magical maple sugarin’ season at Riveredge. Bring your family and friends to join us in the traditional labors of the season. Learn how to indentify a maple, properly tap a tree, place a spile and hang the bucket to collect the sap. Call 262-375-2715 to Register. We’re moving into tree-tapping season, and I’ve heard from naturalists that this is one of children

Feb 26: Geocaching by snowshoe  Foxbrook Park, via Urban Ecology Center Call for more info on event and register, by end of Friday… if weather cooperates, could be interesting way to pay close attention to the nature around one.


We never know for sure when snow will come. So enjoy these rare gifts when they happen! Soon, we will spend much of the year without the peace of a snow-covered landscape in the morning, the jittery energy of a snowstorm, the variety of ice patterns formed on lakes and rivers.

This is a season that leaves us aware of our limits. Our dependence. Our vulnerability. We can’t drive in this season the way we drive otherwise. It can be rare, outside of winter, for most people (in this region at least) to have their lives, their travel, significantly affected by weather. But snowstorms, and cold weather, remind us that we are placed within a larger context.

If we take time to walk and prepare carefully, we can increase our chances of appreciating, and being safe. Look closely. Dress carefully. Be patient when you walk. These can be burdens. But they also offer opportunities. Opportunities to stretch our skills. To learn more about what is close to us.

 Whatever you come up with, I hope you head outside this weekend!

About MilwaukeeSnow

Dr. Jeffrey Filipiak, Milwaukee's Ambassador of Snow, loves winter, Milwaukee, and environmental history! He has taught college courses on topics including history, writing, environmental ethics, food studies, the Great Lakes, and sustainability. You can contact him at ambassadorofsnow@gmail.com.
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