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January 2015 Winter Art and Writing Roundup

To encourage gratitude for winter, it is helpful to check out some of the most interesting events we can find, and to share thoughtful reflections on how we can find beauty and solace during the season. I share articles regularly … Continue reading

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Living in the cold: a playful guide

This season is a time where patience helps. Most of year, we can assume weather – nature – won’t interfere much with what we want to do. Winter is different. But if we take a little time, and adapt a … Continue reading

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What Does Winter Weather Have to Offer Milwaukee?

As you might guess, not everyone I talk to shares my affection for winter. So I find myself having to explain why my appreciation for the unusual experiences of snow and cold outweigh the legitimate challenges winter presents. Winter is … Continue reading

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Why write about winter in the city?

You might be wondering why a blog about winter is based in a major city, rather than in a rural area – or in someplace further north. Well, that is a topic that I hope my reflections throughout this winter … Continue reading

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